Today’s savvy and discerning sellers, buyers, and investors demand a real estate team that provides great marketing, expert insights, excellent negotiation skills, and that is outrageously effective at helping them accomplish their goals.


Our Great Marketing Services

  • Employ strategies that work! What’s the point of marketing if your goals are not met? Our marketing services are impactful because they are firmly rooted in logical and actionable solutions that reflect an awareness of the subtle nuances of every aspect of marketing which includes go-to-market strategies, brand imaging, and multi-channel marketing for selling a home.
  • Leverage technology, integrate a sophisticated understanding of page-ranking vs. SEO, and include highly influential videos.
  • Utilize Social Media, leveraging our thriving Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts with proven social media strategies.


Our Expert insights 

  • Our vast experience in construction and home improvement help you accomplish your goals.
  • We provide our clients with astute advice and analysis of home construction, upgrades, improvements, and the associated costs, juxtaposed to the return on investment for those home improvements.
  • Our insights put more money in your pocket!


Excellent Negotiation Skills

  • Being highly knowledgeable of the ever-expanding real estate contracts and ability to vigorously analyze them on your behalf prevents pitfalls and is essential to your success.
  • An indispensable understanding of mortgage, real estate, and local economics also play a significant role in effectively negotiating on your behalf.
  • Our negotiation techniques are proven to provide the best outcomes and value to you.


We are Outrageously Effective

  • Why settle for mediocrity when you can have a team that is outrageously effective at helping you meet your goals?
  • Our team is adept and over-delivers on the management of complex projects, in communicating in a concise, articulate, authentic, and persuasive manner with buyers, sellers, and investors.
  • We deliver results because we bring outstanding management experience to the table and see your goals through to their successful end.


These aforementioned skills are just a starting point! Glenn and Gift are passionate about helping their clients find the right deal, the right place, the right home.

When you work with Twenty-Three Homes with Glenn and Gift not only are you working with authentic, compassionate people you can trust, you are also working with one of DC’s industry authorities for helping you have great success with:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Luxury Properties
  • Building generational wealth with Real Estate
  • Short-Sale Specialist
  • Probate Real Estate Sales Experts
  • Divorce Situations
  • International Real Estate Sales and Investment
  • 1031 Exchange Experts

When selling your property, Glenn and Gift’s experience is proven. Their skills and passion will give you the results and value you seek by:

  • Providing you with a fully developed practical, sales-focused go-to-market game-plan for selling your house or property.

  • Developing a rigorous, detailed, market-based report to identify the value of your house or property.

  • Driving the most receptive and highly qualified buyers to your house or property for sale.

  • Providing objective and rigorously tested advice from the initial contact through the post-closing transition.

  • Being in tune with evolving market developments such as corporate influences, like Amazon or Nestle moving into the DC Metro Area, and/or insulating you from the challenges of unforeseen socio-economic impacts, such as Covid19.

  • Aligning the sale of your house with the real needs, issues, and buying behaviors of the current market trends.

  • Accessing specific mixes of direct resources and partners best matched to customers’ needs and buying behaviors

Most sellers and buyers work with Realtors who are not active in the real estate market. It is similar to purchasing a car from a salesperson that does not drive or own a car themselves. Ask your realtor, “How many homes do you invest in each year and sell?” We can empathize with our clients on every level because our investment group buys and sells a minimum of two properties every year and has been doing so for over five years.

  • If you are a seller, we will sell your home at a higher price than you invested in it, leaving you with peace of mind and a heavier wallet.

  • If you are a buyer, we have the detailed local knowledge and experience which will precisely guide you to an intelligent purchase decision.

  • If you are an investor, our rigorous analysis, critical input, and detailed understanding will lead you to the best investment decisions.

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Mission Statement:

To earn each client’s trust and develop long-term relationships by providing sound, actionable advice, the highest level of service, and rigorously representing their best interest with excellent professionalism, insightful intelligence, and integrity.

Our Value

Your Trusted Advisors:

Putting you first is our commitment to you. Sound guidance focused around your unique needs and desires and building relationships that are mutually respectful are our foundation.

Your Local Real Estate Experts:

Real estate is local. Having local experts who understand the subtle nuances of your market is essential to help maximize your return.

Proven Professionals:

Getting you the best price in the timeframe you need requires professionals with the proven record of sales, marketing, negotiations, communication, and technological skills to make it happen.