Gift Thongpia


As a full-time Real Estate Consultant who has worked with hundreds of clients, my experience with a very wide range of scenarios contribute to my strength in always protecting my clients’ best interests. My breadth of experience bridges the wants, needs, and objectives of all of my clients and allows for the development of an actionable team plan which will achieve their desired outcomes. 

Real estate is my passion. One of the keys to my success is that I love every aspect of working with Sellers, Buyers, and Investors! 

Sellers. The bottom line in helping sellers is to prepare and position their house to help maximize their return on the sale. Preparing and marketing a home to be sold requires a unique set of skills — from staging homes with just the right touch, including flowers and linens before the listing launch, to marketing through interactive video footage and social media channels. I employ robust and effective marketing tactics to sell your home!  

Buyers. I take great pleasure in bringing empathy to buyers, understanding their unique circumstances, emotions, financial circumstances, and needs, working with investors to build wealth, or just connecting with people and building incredible relationships with my clients, I embrace and bring my best to it all. I get much satisfaction from hearing about and learning from the success of those around me while maintaining a life of fun and fulfillment. Reliability, trust, integrity, and honest communication are my foundation. Having trust in me is critically important, and I believe in earning it.

Investors.  It’s an absolute joy to help others build their wealth. As a real estate investor myself, I know how important it is to maximize your return on your real estate investments. Having an agent with the investment experience and insight to help you get the most from your time and money is key to your success.

Multi-Lingual. I speak both English and Thai. Whether you are English-speaking, Thai-speaking, or both, the best agent is one who speaks your language!

With all my clients, I also ensure that I surround myself with the best professionals, processes, and technology. My depth of experience allows me to achieve my clients’ goals and make the process of buying, selling, or investing in homes smooth and effortless. Every business owner knows that when times get tough, HR and training are the first to get cut. Unlike others, I pride myself on the amount of time and resources I invest in training my team to ensure my clients work with the best of the best!

I am a bilingual realtor who speaks Thai and English. I am passionate about assisting my buyer-clients to find their dream home. I empathetic and understanding of all the unique emotions, financial circumstances, and lifestyle changes that come with the purchase of a new home. As a Real Estate Consultant, I have worked through every possible scenario and have the appropriate bedside manner in every circumstance.

When I am not working with my clients, you can find me with my family, at the gym, or working within the community to support some worthy cause. I love spending time with my family.

My husband is tremendously supportive and my children, who have grown up in the business, understand real estate to the extent that they discuss the topic with their friends! Some of the activities that I enjoy are family bike rides, jogging, playing monopoly, and going to the movies. We are extensive travelers and continually add more sites on our bucket list to visit and explore.

Spiritually, my husband and I pray every day and practice different variations of meditation. We both appreciate each other’s distinct cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. Beyond money, my definition of wealth includes sound relationships, health, happiness, and community.

Supporting my local community, including schools, neighbors, public servants, and restaurants is important and a high priority for me and my business. You can catch me on my FaceBook page promoting local brick and mortar businesses, restaurants, and reputable service providers. A few community engagements I have been a part of are:

  • Sponsoring child IDs with Fairfax County Police and registering children who received free identification cards.
  • Sponsoring new computers for Floris Elementary School. We’ve raised over $72,000. Each of the school’s faculty, administrative staff, and students received a free School Spirit T-Shirt, all sponsored by Twenty-Three Homes, with Glenn and Gift.
  • For over eight years, we have hosted a Fall Halloween Festival and Spring Fling picnic for hundreds of clients.
  • Sponsored a free photo with Santa Claus Brunch for parents and children at our local restaurant.
  • Local Driveway Chalk Drawing Sweepstakes that gave away over $400 in gift cards to different local restaurants, helping us support our children and local restaurants during COVID-19.
  • I volunteer at the local Thai Temple and model for local charities in the DMV area such as Woman Surviving Cancer Foundation, Cards for Kids
  • I’m a member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals. My mission is to have a positive impact during the divorce process. I work to make sure there is as much stability and calm during the housing transition process between divorcees, their children, and their property.

11700 Plaza America Dr Ste 150, Reston, VA 20190