Glenn’s background of working with IBM and Apple laid the groundwork to bring these skills to you.  His background in computers is critically important to any homeowner who needs to maximize the return-on-their-housing investment.  Here is why.  52% of buyers are sourced through Internet advertising, and Glenn is an authority on Internet advertising.


Glenn’s understanding of  Where Buyer’s Come From coupled with his deep knowledge of Internet Advertising sets him apart from most commonly licensed realtors.   In short, Glenn reversed engineered the marketing approach by focusing on the specific marketing channels that source buyers. By the by, when Glenn and his team represent your real estate interest, you have put the statistical odds on your side, assuring a 94% success rate. (See Where Buyer’s Come From )

Glenn has studied Dale Carnegie Leadership Training under Raymond Zinser, Ph.D., and is certified by the Dale Carnegie Institute on Leadership and Communications.    


Glenn is also a licensed Project Management Professional. He has taught classes on how to pass the PMI project management test and is certified as a PMP train-the-trainer.  However, many of our clients come to understand that having a licensed realtor who is also a licensed PMP, increases their success of selling their home at maximum profits, and provides them peace of mind. In short, selling a home is a project.  Having a licensed project manager controlling the sales process increases your odds by over 65%.  (Look-up Glenn’s License)  (Read more on Project Management Success)


As a licensed General Contractor Glenn knows almost every facet of home building structures.  His construction company Triple-A-Quality has been working with clients who are selling their property for over twenty years. Glenn has also presented to Home Inspectors on numerous construction issues. Seller clients are enthusiastic about having Glenn on their team because he can defend their position from authority during the home-inspection stage of the selling process. It also adds value when Glenn knows numerous home inspectors within the DC area.  Conversely, buyer client’s benefit from having Glenn on their side because he is so familiar with construction and home inspection, that no opportunity for negotiation is missed.  

Glenn’s trio of licenses, Real Estate, Project Management, and General Contracting naturally provide him with an advantage in the assessment and negotiation of home values. Glenn has talked to thousands of prospective clients who have had contracts with real estate agents, who have failed to sell their client’s property, and the contract either has expired, been withdrawn, or it has been canceled.



From Glenn’s conversations and notes, he noticed a few common themes. The realtors that failed to sell a property were lacking one, or most times several critical skills. These skills are:

  • Poor or minimal communication
  • Lack of understanding or non-existent skill at marketing properties
  • Inability to assist and nurture a client to manage expectations to arrive at an unbiased assessment of the true value of a property
  • Minimal understanding of how the internet can be leveraged to market a property
  • Little skill with technology, computer-based artificial intelligence, email marketing, text message marketing, etc.
  • Often work for a small mom-and-pop’s brokerage and are trained on the transaction or how to be a “sales-person” as opposed to being educated on a Professional Real Estate Consultant
  • Don’t have any secondary skills that complement the real estate industry
  • Fail to identify myths, stereotypes, and assumptions about the current real estate landscape

Glenn then created an efficient system that accurately articulates what a selling-client needs and wants when engaging a real estate agent to sell their property. Today that system is trade-marked and is called the C.A.P.I.T.A.L. System™.

The C.A.P.I.T.A.L. System™ is a plan that outlines how to quickly, easily, and successfully maximize the sale of a home. C.A.P.I.T.A.L. is an acronym that represents:

  • Communication
  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Pricing Experts
  • Internet Exposure
  • Technology
  • Affiliation
  • Leading Authority

As the recipient of an athletic scholarship from Boston University, Glenn brings the same drive to be successful, discipline, dedication, and leadership skills to every transaction as he did as a Division-1 soccer player.  His keen awareness of the competition, understanding of teamwork, dedication, sacrifice, loyalty, and going the extra mile are inherently brought into every transaction, engagement, and relationship.

Glenn’s values and thoroughly enjoys client-facing interactions and engagements. In between those client engagements, Glenn manages Twenty-Three Homes’ back-office administration team and monitors all the multi-channel outbound marketing teams. On the design-build side, he helps secure short-term financing for sellers who need improvements to maximize their ROI; interfaces and leads the architects, designers, and contractors.  


After clients have engaged Twenty-Three Homes services,  they quickly and naturally begin to appreciate the level of knowledge, service, dedication, and gritty effort that Glenn and his team put into every transaction. Glenn says, “I never take a client’s commitment for granted and I appreciate their commitment to Twenty-Three Homes and take that commitment very seriously.” 


Glenn represents his client’s interest with tenacity and integrity, and puts his client relationships first.  These guiding principles are the foundation for developing solid, strong professional and personal relationships.   One of Glenn’s highest priorities is that clients are not just satisfied but delighted with the level of service that is provided by Twenty-Three Homes.  However, that great achievement is only realized when his clients pass on a referral, which is the highest compliment and ultimate goal of servant-leader-advocacy.

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