Northern Virginia Homes for Sale can be easy to find but hard to afford
Northern Virginia Homes for Sale can be easy to find but hard to afford
Northern Virginia Homes for Sale can be easy to find but hard to afford
Northern Virginia Homes for Sale can be easy to find but hard to afford

Northern Virginia Homes for Sale can be easy to find but hard to afford

Homes located in Northern Virginia, specifically Arlington and Fairfax County, have seen a continual incremental inflationary push since the late nineteen sixties.   Three strategies that are best known to guarantee homeownership success are a stable career position with solid credit scores,  having five percent of the downpayment saved up, and a reliable real estate agent that has a relationship with a mortgage banker.

The Northern Virginia market is one of the strongest in the county due to regional growth from the information technology vertical industry and the Federal Government’s appetite for more powerful technology.  There are three intervals that this hard rule real estate growth had exceptions.  The 1991 Japanese Yen deflationary bubble, which has not seen a recovery.  The 2007 subprime mortgage industry collapse.  The third being the 2009 housing bubble crash which was a combination of predatory mortgage lending and mortgage-backed credit derivative.  The smoothing of these economic corrections was counter-weighted by the stability that Federal Government primarily located in Washington, D.C. provided to the surrounding counties.

One of the better advisors that advocates saving for a home is Dave Ramsey.  His approach can be draconian, but his raving fans do endorse his approach.  Even if your earning a million dollars a year, having a savings plan for purchasing your first home is important.  The significance and importance only becomes clear when surfacing one statistic, 82.5% of United States homeowners have their entire wealth tied up in their personal home.



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